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NovaSheets Variables


Inside a stylesheet

NovaSheets variables are created by starting a line with @var. Anything after that space will be the name of the variable. Variables can have any name; the only limitations are that they cannot contain pipes and brackets may not work correctly due to how NovaSheets is parsed.

The contents of a variable are found either on the lines beneath it, all the way up until either another variable declaration or the keyword @endvar, or as the content to the right of the first equals sign on the declaration line.

Variables are always hoisted; that is, they are evaluated before all other content, making the following equivalent:

@var variable = content
$(variable) // "content"
$(variable) // "content"
@var variable = content

Using JavaScript

Variables can be created using JavaScript and then applied to a document, using the NovaSheets class.



Variables are referenced using a dollar sign ($) followed by the variable name in parentheses ((...)). Arguments are passed by listing parameter names followed by the argument contents, with each prefixed with a pipe.


Parameters of a variable are referenced similar to variables but by using square brackets instead of parentheses ($[...]). The default contents of an argument can be set by adding a pipe following by the default argument content to its name. Numerical parameter names can refer to the index of a variable calling the anonymous parameter with that index. For instance, $(var|1=text) (with explicit parameter "1") is equivalent to $(var|text) (with one anonymous parameter).


/* Declare variables */
// declare variable 'color1' with contents '#123':
@var color1 = #123

// declare variable 'color2' containing parameter 'hue':
@var color2 = hsl($[hue], 50%, 75%)

// declare variable 'color3' containing parameter 'red' which defaults to '24':
@var color3 = rgb($[red|24], 128, 0)

// declare variable 'color4' containing an anonymous parameter:
@var color4 = #000$[1]

// declare variable 'color5' contaning an anonymous parameter which defaults to 'blue':
@var color5
    background: $[1|blue];

/* Substitute variables */

// substitute variable 'color1':
$(color1) // '#123'

// substitute variable 'color2' with argument 'hue' set to '100':
$(color2 | hue = 100 ) // 'hsl(100, 50%, 75%)'

// substitute variable 'color3' with argument 'red' defaulting to '24':
$(color3) // 'rgb(24, 128, 0)'

// substitute variable 'color4' with argument '1' defaulting to the first anonymous argument, which is set to 'f':
$(color4 | f ) // '#000f'

// substitute variable 'color5' with an anonymous argument which defaults to 'blue':
$(color5) // 'background: blue;'