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A simple but powerful CSS preprocessor.

npm install -g novasheets

What is NovaSheets?

NovaSheets is a powerful CSS preprocessor with the ability to easily create intricate CSS files with simple syntax. With many built-in functions for you to use, you can take your stylesheets to the next level.


Variables? Functions? Mixins? Templates?
Find them all under one name.

                        @var color = hsl($[hue|300], 75%, 80%)\n
                        body {background: $(color|hue=200);}


Utilize the wide variety of built-in functions offered to you
– or make your own.

                        $(@darken | hsl(100, 20%, 30%) | 30% )\n
                        $(@breakpoint | 800px | .container | width: 100%; | width: 30vw; )


Create stylesheets in a way that mirrors the HTML.

                        body {\n
                          color: red;\n
                          main {\n
                            background: gray;\n


Use in the browser, in Node, or on the command line.

                        parse('@var foo = bar:1; @endvar $(foo)') // node
novasheets --compile **/*.nvss css/ // CLI


With one import, gain access to the full parsing power.

                        npm install -g novasheets // node
<script src="novasheets.js"></script> // browser

Get started

See the Installation page.

Need help?

See the Documentation pages.