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NovaSheets Selectors


.class {
  color: red;
  a {color: blue;}
  div & {color: green;}
/* becomes */
.class {color: red;}
.class a {color: blue;}
div .class {color: green;}

NovaSheets includes CSS nesting. If an ampersand & is not used, the parent selector is prepended to the child, separated by a space. Otherwise, the ampersand is replaced with the content of the parent selector.

Simple breakpoints

h2 @ ..300px       {width: 99%;} // max width 299px
h2 @ 400px         {width: 80%;} // min width 400px
h2 @ 500px...      {width: 75%;} // min width 500px
h2 @ 600px..800px  {width: 50%;} // min width 600px and max width 799px

In addition to the $(@breakpoint) function for more complex breakpoint blocks, simple breakpoint widths can be added after a CSS selector, separated with an at sign (@). If only one width is set, it is parsed as the minimum width. Add a maximum width by separating the two with a space ( ) or ellipsis (.../../etc).