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NovaSheets Class

Add custom functions to the NovaSheets parser using the NovaSheets class, which is the default import of require('novasheets') (in Node) or the script import (in a browser).


Use new NovaSheets() to instantiate the class and set it to a variable, ready for functions to be added:

const sheet = new NovaSheets();

Adding functions

Use the addFunction method to register functions with the NovaSheets parser, using the syntax addFunction(name, function), where function has its first argument being the whole function match ($(...)) and the remainder being each individual argument.


  1. Register $(#one) as a function that returns 1:
    const sheet = new NovaSheets();
    sheet.addFunction('#one', () => 1); // set '$(#one)' to return '1'
    NovaSheets.parse('#one', sheet); // '1'
  2. Register $(add squares) as a function that returns the sum of the squares of two numbers:
    const sheet = new NovaSheets();
    sheet.addFunction('add squares', (match, num1, num2) => {
        return num1 * num1 + num2 * num2;
    NovaSheets.parse('$(add squares | 20 | 4)', sheet); // 416